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Our Activities

Fruit Harvesting

Fruit Picking is available based on the season. If you spot fruits that you want, let us know and you are allowed to bring them home. Charges will be based on weight and type of fruits.

Gigantic Swimming Pool with Slide

Our gigantic swimming pool with slides is considered one of the must-try activities here. Our swirling slides do give an exciting feeling to those that love thrilling actions. (Note: All activities here are bound to play on your own risk policy)


We also have fishing activities at Teduhan@langat for those who enjoy fishing. We have various types of fish available such as Haruan, Cat Fish, Anabas (Puyu), Gold Talapia, Jade Peach and Kelah. After fishing, you will be able to cook and enjoy them with your friends and families!

Start price = RM20*/fishing rod *Added fish price will be charged based on weight of the fish.
(NO FISHING ROD Provided and NO NIGHT Fishing)

Outdoor Cooking & BBQ

We believe that food that is made together leaves fond memories. Therefore, we offer an outdoor portable gas stove rental and BBQ place for our customers that stay at Teduhan@langat.

Cooking Gas RM30/day.
BBQ tools rent RM70/day (upon returning, we will refund back RM30)
Charcoal RM20/3kilo Marinated Chicken RM18 (250g-350g)
Marinated Lamb RM38 (250g-350g).

11 Course Hi-Element and Flying Fox

At Teduhan@langat we believe that the creative mind is developed through challenges and obstacles. Our 11-course Hi-Elements begins with a hanging bridge and ends with a flying fox sure to be challenging! Please read our terms and conditions (Note: Our policy is to play at your own risk).

Price for Hi-Element and Flying Fox is RM45/person/course.


For those who love exploring, ATV ride Is a must-try activity when you get here. We have 2 packages available. Please refer ATV packages below.

  • ATV Small 
    No of Pax : 1 person
    Price/Duration: RM100/45min
    Area: Teduhan@langat to Bukit Kuari 
  • ATV Big
    No of Pax : 2 People
    Price/Duration: RM195/45 min
    Area: Covering Teduhan@langat to Bukit Kuari
  • ATV Combo
    No of Pax : 3 People (2 ATV per trip)
    Price/Duration: RM280/45 min
    Area: Covering Teduhan@langat to Bukit Kuari

Animal Farm

Our animal is a must-see attraction here. Currently, we have quite a number of animals including birds, chickens, ostrich, dear, ducks, geese, and goats. Some of them roam freely on the Teduhan@langat ground.